Third Edition
by Virginia E. Schuett

The Low Protein Food List for PKU has been an indispensible resource for everyone involved in the treatment of phenylketonuria (PKU) since 1995. This third edition (2010) contains over 6,000 entries, the most extensive listing yet of foods that are potentially suitable for the diet, nearly double the number found in the previous edition. It includes many new foods found at health-oriented grocery stores, expanding choices for the diet.

The book provides information on phenylalanine (phe), protein, and calorie content of foods based on serving portions, both in common measures and gram weights, in an easily searchable format. The handy "mg phe/gm food" column allows users to compare phenylalanine density of foods and make appropriate food choices for individual diet needs. People using an "exchange" system for counting phe will find exchanges are calculated for each food portion as well. The front section of the book also contains valuable information and tips for managing the PKU diet.

Virginia E. Schuett is founder and director of National PKU News, a non-profit organization devoted to providing news and information to people living with or treating PKU since 1989 via a newsletter that is produced three times yearly. A nutritionist, she has been working with PKU-affected families since 1972. She is the author of Low Protein Cookery for PKU, Apples to Zucchini: A Collection of Favorite Low Protein Recipes (with co-author Dorothy Corry), You and PKU, and numerous articles and educational materials related to PKU.

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